Biweekly Update – Time To Put It Bluntly

Morning all


Hope you have had a good weekend and enjoy the last of the summer sun.



So Jeremy Hunt is in the hotseat – what a complete shambles this new Conservative leadership party is in. One of the tabloid news papers is running a poll: what will last longer Liz Truss or a fresh cabbage? Money is on the cabbage. Anyway, 11am this morning Hunt will be detailing further measures and has had to make some “hard decisions” over the weekend. Expect new tax measures (in addition to the 2023 corporation tax hike) and some GBP strength. Make sure the radio is on at 11…



Sitting at 2 month highs at present vs GBP despite the Westminster Circus. Russia vs Ukraine has certainly ramped up a notch with Putin now launching drone attacks on the capital. EUR suffering as a result of this, with no data due this week at all expect GBPEUR to creep higher throughout the week



No real news or data out this week, trading between 1.10 – 1.15…


Have a good morning

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